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Terms of contribution:

By uploading files to the Anabaptist History Today (AHT) digital archive, the donor certifies that they created and own the copyright in the submitted material. While they will continue to retain copyright, the donor hereby grants to AHT a license to add the material to its archival collections and preserve it for future generations of students, scholars, and researchers. The donor gives AHT permission to organize the materials according to accepted archival principles; to create metadata, finding aids, and full-text search interfaces required for the preservation and discovery of the materials; to make the materials accessible to the public; and to use the materials in exhibits and displays, both physical and online. They agree that AHT may make this material available online under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/), which will allow others to share and adapt the material, as long as the Donor is given appropriate credit.

Donor affirms that they are not violating the privacy rights of third parties that might be described or depicted in their contribution, and that they will not publish the image without the explicit consent of the third party.

Donor understands that AHT may at its discretion turn over these materials, including the identifying information, to one of the partner organizations for the purpose of long-term preservation and use by researchers.

AHT is not obligated to store, preserve, or publish any materials submitted to the site. Publication and preservation are at the sole discretion of AHT and materials may be deleted (or stored and not published) for any reason.

Terms of use:

Collection and display of materials: Anabaptist History Today is making its best effort to adhere to known intellectual property and privacy rights. Due to the nature of community built, archival collections it is not always possible to identify intellectual property and/or privacy information. We are eager to hear from any rights owners so that we may obtain accurate information. Please contact us to make corrections or to request removal of materials from public access.

Use of these materials by other researchers: Anabaptist History Today does not hold copyright to the materials submitted to the digital archive. Researchers or other users who wish to publish or otherwise use materials from the archive must first obtain permission from the publishing party. AHT makes no warranty or representation that any reproduction, distribution, performance, display, preparation of derivative works, or usage of material is or will be free from infringement upon the rights of third parties. By making use of this collection, a researcher or other user accepts full responsibility and agrees to indemnify AHT and any of its partner organizations from and against all claims made by any person asserting infringement upon their intellectual property rights.

Nondiscrimination: The purpose of Anabaptist History Today is to document the breadth and diversity of the Anabaptist experience in North America. As such, AHT will not discriminate based upon a contributor’s stated or perceived identity.

Content of this collection: Because donated materials from people and/or groups with varying opinions and different world views, the collections may contain information that might be deemed offensive, disturbing, racist, sexist, homophobic, triggering, misleading, or otherwise objectionable. Anabaptist History Today does not endorse or sponsor any content in the digital archive, nor does it guarantee or warrant that the content available in the collections is accurate or complete.

Hate speech and other offensive content: Anabaptist History Today will not knowingly make public any materials that it deems to be hate speech on the part of the user or organization who submitted it. However, the unprecedented events of 2020 have led to numerous instances of racist or antisemitic hate speech or acts of violence. These instances are an important part of the historical record to be studied by future researchers. Therefore, AHT may at its discretion publish reports (as opposed to acts) of hate speech or other offensive content. AHT may also choose to preserve but not publicize acts of hate speech submitted to the digital archive.

Right to contact: Visitors and contributors to this website may ask questions or raise concerns about the project at any time by sending an email to anabaptisthistorytoday@gmail.com.

We may revise and update the privacy policy, terms of contribution, and terms of use from time to time in our sole discretion. All changes are effective immediately when we post them.