Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What Should I Share?

You can submit videos, images, audio recordings, screenshots from social media, text messages, links, or documents in most formats. Or you can write out your reflections directly in the submission form.

Here are some examples of items to contribute:

How do I share?

Click here to share your stories.

Who sees my stories?

Our curatorial team posts your submitted story on the “Browse Contributions” page of this website after ensuring it meets our privacy and collection policy. You can choose to submit your story anonymously if you wish.

What happens to my stories?

During the submission process, you choose a collaborating Anabaptist history organization to conserve your story in their archives. If you choose "Other" your story will go to the Mennonite Church USA Archives or the Mennonite Heritage Archives, depending upon your location and/or nationality. As donor, you retain copyright to the materials you submit.

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