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Collected Item: “My COVID Happy Place”

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My COVID Happy Place

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How has covid affected me? Well to be honest I’ve not hardly noticed it except it would be nice to go to a warm location right now.
Two years ago I was looking for a new creative outlet and decided to try painting. Well to my surprise I loved it and began by painting on wood slices for Christmas ornaments, from there it evolved to acrylic paintings then on to watercolour painting. I love painting birds and have done quite a few of those along with pet portraits.
I am self-taught and am so grateful to God for bringing this hidden talent out in me for such a time as this.
Painting puts me in another world that brings me such peace, joy and satisfaction.
Everyone should try something new, you just might find out you have a hidden talent in you too!

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Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia

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